Christine Buys is the founder of Conform Group. She is a specialist in the practical company secretarial field with many years of experience in the audit and accounting firm environment.  She started her career in the financial industry after graduating from high school and fell in love with the discipline, sistematic approach and organisation every task requires and has gained valuable experience in her various roles, not only in company secretarial field but also dealing with the various government departments. Christine believes in building good working relationships with clients and colleagues and has carried this mindset through all her years. Christine is passionate about practical company secretarial work and gets excited about compliance and client service.  Conform Group was established by Christine to partner with audit and accounting firms not only assisting with practical company secretarial work but also to train personnel of audit and accounting firms in the secretarial department to enable and empower.  Outside of the office Christine loves spending time with family and friends and loves home renovations, arts and crafts.  

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